1. Domestic and International Procurement our dedicated team of professionals provide a flexible and reliable service designed to source, supply and deliver any requirement as per your needs. This service can range from individual items to complete lists of materials & supplies required for maintenance, well drilling, oil exploration, humanitarian aid, refugee support, renewable energy, special projects and much more.

  2. Distribution - Facilis International is an authorised distributor of an ever-growing portfolio of manufacturer and supply partnerships.

  3. Packing, Labelling & Tagging - Facilis offers the complete service and caters for all your packing, tagging and labelling requirements.

  4. Consolidation, Inspection & checking - Facilis can accommodate the checking, inspection and consolidation of your goods before they are shipped to your location.

  5. Stock replenishment - Facilis has the capacity to maintain regular call-offs for stock replenishment of consumable goods or general supplies.

  6. Contracts - Facilis has the capability and experience to manage procurement and supply contracts, call off agreements, short and long term.

  7. Logistics - Facilis strives to meet delivery schedules tailored to our client’s needs. We offer a complete delivered service to your nominated warehouse, freight forwarder or location of choice. The strategic positions of our global warehouses ensure delivery to your final destination is precise and quick.

  8. Expediting - orders are constantly expedited to target on time deliveries and meet our clients required schedules. Order status reports will be issued on request to enable clients to monitor the progress of their orders.